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Administration Solutions

It becomes essential for teachers to monitor and take control of the students laptops. The classroom management system feature empowers teachers to monitor students content and also share content which can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard. The teacher writing on the interactive board, while the content will be displayed on the student's laptop.

Forms Processing

Institutions spend a lot of time and efforts in organizing forms while others enters data manually in a computer. This unique solution is capable of processing unstructured data into structured forms. This solution helps education institutions in admission/examination application form processing, attendance sheet management, and even hall ticket generation.

EDUCLO Data Rain

The important aspect of compliance and monitoring students performance and progress through reports and visual dashboard displays. With additional RFID app enablement, an education institution can be enabled to efficiently manage its departments for admin management, attendance management, E-Wallet money, Library / Sports / Laboratory Management (Manage Library, sports, lab equipment using RFID)

Our Vision And Mission

Fostering innovation in education, addressing operational risk, Improving brand leadership and enhancing corporate reputation.

Learning Management System

EDUCLO LMS provides learners and education to access content, create content, social collaboraion, create exams and grade, track moniter and support student progress.

Library Management System

EDUCLO solution supports the general requirements of a library like cataloguing, issue, return and reminders. Combined with RFID, library management system can be automated. A student can scan I Card or through mobile app along with a book. This solution has features to manage Physical Library, Digital Library (for audio/ video content and e-Library Management.

Online Examination

This solution eliminates all the hassles of conducting examinations. Not only it let you automate examination but also offers you an excellent way of assessment. This solution helps you reduce the paper cost involved in printing question papers and answer sheets.

Institution Management System

Single software to cater to end-to-end requirements of an education providing institution. This software is capable of generating reports, sharing data between different departments, offering easy department-wise to access their relevant information. Whether it is students’ Registration, Inquiry/Counseling, Course/Syllabus, Library Management, Transport Management, or Fees Management, this system manages all.

Notification to parents/students

A simplified process to send notifications, performance updates and crucial information related to fees, attendance, holidays, homework, etc. is simplified. Teachers can update information on their laptop to send automated updates via SMS and email to parents and students.

Display Panels

Customized messages can be displayed on the screens installed in common areas to share information, announcements, and schedules for classes. Display panels can be installed in classrooms, cafeteria, library, reception, etc.

Virtual Classroom

With the adoption of the multi-campus model by schools and colleges, the collaboration between institutes is increasing. Today, many campuses have tieups with foreign universities. Hence, educational institutes are looking for cost-effective methods to connect different campus locations. Video conferencing let teachers from one campus interact with students in other campuses.

Group Campus Connectivity and security solutions

Centralized campus connectivity with Biometrics, IP Surveillance, Interactive campus maps and Network infrastructure to help and manage the complete school network, the portfolio of Hardware and network setup and installation, servers, database, connectivity between various departments, wireless networks in campus, ICT Helpdesk and Network Operations Center.

EDUCLO is a multi-tenant platform for Students, Thought Leaders, Academic Managers and Education Departments.


EDUCLO Platform for Educators

Enable academic teachers to empower learners online.

EDUCLO Platform

The world's emerging web-based training community, the EDUCLO network is where you can discover, connect, collaborate with global learners, corporate training requirements for professional development and manage training lifecycle by using apps for enrollments needs, online training, billing, invoicing and competency management. We can also integrate and extend your backend systems into the cloud, you can manage and optimize your customer relationship through EDUCLO one stop shop platform.

EDUCLO Commerce Services

When you need help with deployment, adoption, and ongoing performance of EDUCLO solutions, EDUCLO commerce services will assist. With agility, experience, and reach, expert professionals around the world, speaking your language, offer business analysis, technology, and market analysis to make sure you have the capability you need to drive your online learning business unit returns higher through lower cost, higher sales, and optimized cash flow. EDUCLO best practice center of excellence provides you with the access to process expertise to help achieve better results and enduring enablement from your SaaS solutions.

A comprehensive plan to train, support motivate team.

Project based strategic consulting and technical consulting services with strategic planning, technical implementations, testing, content development, solutions validation. Help desk support services provide scalable support hours and access to online knowledge base. We can help in assisting in education course creation, formation and validation. With the world's fastest growing learner network when the learners are actively looking for courses.

EDUCLO Video editing services

Class video and audio file editing

EDUCLO support team helps to edit video files, voice files and provide service to index elements, content to make a training package.

EDUCLO Production Service

Request our production team to setup education recording sessions, which will enable your training offering to go digital to enable on EDUCLO platform.

Setup Digital Equipment services

While you focus on your core competency, EDUCLO support services help you to setup your recording center to intently enable your teachers content recording centre.

Hire a Digital Trainer

While you want to expand your training offering into various competencies or a specific course your client is after, you could check our education teachers database to hire and start digital training course.

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